Our Privacy Policy Statement

This policy covers your control of your personal and business information, and our use of any personal or business information that you may provide to us via our website.

Our Policy
Our policy is simple: Your personal and business information belongs to you and you have control over how it is used. We use an enquiry form that collects the minimum amount of information we require to answer your query.

What is Personal Information?
Personal information is any information that could be used to identify you, including data you provide when you contact us through our website (ie name, email address etc).

Protecting Information
Royale Graphics will not transfer, trade or sell personal information or business information to any third parties under any circumstances. Your personal and business information is stored in a database and is only used for communications directly with Royale Graphics and may when required be shared with third party directly associated with a printing order.

Email policy
Email communication is intended for the addressee only, is private and confidential, and is subject to the applicable terms and conditions. Access to email by anyone else is unauthorised and should not be read if delivered in error.

Website Data
When you browse the Royale Graphics website, certain information is sent to our web server. This information includes the IP address allocated to your computer. We retain this information to study the performance of our website only. We do not use the IP address for any other purpose.

During the course of any visit to the Royale Graphics website, cookies may be downloaded to your computer. Cookies do not contain any personal information and can not be used to read data from your computers hard drive. Most browsers allow you to view, delete and turn off cookies.