RFID Card Blocker / Protector

Our Contactless card protector or RFID blocker are an effective way of ensuring your personal security. They are designed to be durable and compact. Our card protectors are only 1mm thick and fit perfectly into a wallet, purse or even your pocket. Advertise your business and your brand with printing in full colour.

How do contactless cards work?

A small RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Technology) micro chip inside your contactless card stores your details in electronic form. When the card comes into proximity with an RFID scanner, energy transmitted from the scanner instantly reads the information from the micro chip in your card back to the scanner. This information can be read from 3cm away meaning criminals could scan your card while it's still in your purse, wallet or pocket.

Where RFID technology is used

RFID technology is used in a lot of industries from banking to retail, and across a variety of documents including driving licenses, ID cards and public transport passes. Almost all credit and debit cards now carry contactless technology.

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